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Natural Perfume Bundle

Natural Perfume Bundle
Natural Perfume Bundle
Natural Perfume Bundle

Our beautifully handcrafted Perfumes 


My Beautiful signature handcrafted blends All-Natural Perfumes are made using only 100% Pure essential oils, Absolutes and natural extracts infused in a natural sugar fermented spirit base to create toxin-free & synthetic-free blends.

My all-natural perfumes are all-day lasting perfumes, 100% plant-based & vegan. Our ingredients are not tested on animals, just me.

 It is well known that synthetic ingredients cause ill health. Fragrances and body products

containing synthetic ingredients have been known to interfere with the body's hormone

responses and cause health issues.

Did you know the word "fragrance (FO)" on labels is an umbrella for hiding chemicals & synthetic ingredients usually found in mainstream perfumes?

If you are wanting to reduce the number of synthetic chemicals present in your perfume– namely parabens, phthalates, allergens and synthetic alcohols – you are in the right place. Formulated with a blend of pure essential oils and no added nasty ingredients, my natural perfumes not only smell delightful and make you feel beautiful but also contribute to your health and well-being.

These are my personal signature blends hand blended by myself which I just know you will LOVE. I have named the scents after my daughter Lalena, my daughter-in-law Francesca and my beautiful granddaughter Scarlett-Rose.


1 x Lalena Perfume 20ml

1 x Scarlett-Rose Perfume 20ml

1 x Frankie Perfume 20ml


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