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This beautiful perfume named after my granddaughter Scarlett-Rose. 

           "Creative, empathetic, delightful and kind natured"

                                      Opens with a sweet and delicate
                                               Strawberry top note
                              that lingers playfully into night-blooming
                            Jasmine & Green Violet Leaf in the heart
                                           fading softly on a bed of
                                   Amber, Musk Mallow & Patchouli

Made from 100% natural and vegan ingredients 

Unfiltered perfume. Synthetic-free
& cruelty-free.

Truly 100 % Natural 

 20ml -Made using only Pure Essential oils, Absolutes, Resins and Pure extracts. 

  • All-day lasting power 
  • Real perfume 
  • No need to shake before use 
  • 100% plant-based & vegan 


Pure Essential oils: 

🌱''Pogostemon cablin''-Patchouli.


🌱''Pinus succiniferus''- Amber Resin.


 🌱''Hibiscus Abelmoschus''-Ambrette Seed,

🌱''Viola odorata''-Violet Leaf,

🌱''Jasminum grandiflorum''-Jasmine Grandiflorum

Natural Extracts: Almond & Strawberry 

infused in a natural sugar fermented spirit base. 

Directions: Spray on the wrist, knees or back of the neck and let dry naturally but don't rub as it dulls the top note ( the scent you smell for the first 5 mins) it makes it less potent and compromises the fragrance.


Store in a cool place away from sunlight, in its box, is a great place,
Avoid contact with eyes.

Over time these fragrances may reveal some tiny particles of resins and absolutes that will settle at the bottom of the bottle, this is quite natural for natural perfumes

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